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Let's face it - most people don't read the newspapers these days for the news.  They read them for the funnies!  I still hold to a childhood dream about becoming a newspaper cartoonist.


Check the menu on the right to see three of the comics I've made, with more in production just waiting for syndication!


There's Bill & Melvin, the most modern comic strip set in the Middle Ages!


The Other Half, a comic strip about the joys of life in college!


And McBigCo, a comic strip all about the strangeness that erupts when you try to live your life according to marketing research!


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Potential employers may browse  art samples at the portfolio section of the web page.  Included are links to my resume, which has a more detailed listing of work experience, skill sets, and more.    Also available for freelance work.


I can be reached at drethcor@gmail.com with additional questions, including requests for references and more.

When it comes to 3D character models for video games and other purposes, my designs and models are award-winning!  Click the character buttons to see videos of the 3D models made for various game engines, including the Unreal franchise, id Software's Doom3, and also the Source Engine's Team Fortress 2!


- 5 Years of experience with 3D Studio Max & Zbrush

- 5 Years experience designing, skinning and animating 3D character models

- Map models, objects and other 3D model making

- UVW coordinates, skinning and normal mapping

- Rigging models for animation

- Importing and exporting models for

   various game engines

- Winner for Best Character Model:

   "Make Something Unreal" contest

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While all artists labor to impress, there comes a time when you need to start picking and choosing what to display on a personal web page.  But luckily, there are places on the web to store and archive all the things you've worked on.  Among them is 'deviantart.com'.


An online repository of galleries containing drawings, sketches, artwork and many other things that you just don't have room to put anywhere else!


So head over to my DeviantArt page to check out artwork both new and not-quite-so-new!


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Have you ever wondered what the Grim Reaper does when he isn't out reaping souls?  Would you believe he hosts a channel on YouTube?  Yes, Death has descended to the mortal realm - to review toys and action figures!  Enjoy Death's fractured take on 'life' as he goes over various collectibles.

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Do you collect action figures or display figures?  Statuettes or other desktop display items?  Have you ever wished you could personalize them in some way?


Now you can!  The Caption-ator is a word balloon that can be safely attached to almost any desktop display item - and that's your real desktop, not some lame computer operating system 'desktop'!  Peel off stickers let you write whatever you want, so you can make your action figures 'talk'!


- Safe and easy to use

- Inexpensive!

- Works with almost any action figure,

   statuette or display item!

- Easy to change and replace with new words!


Head over to the main Caption-ator landing page to

learn more about this unique novelty product,

then buy some to personalize your collectibles!


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If you're a collector, you'll want to know if the latest action figures are worth your time and money.  They say toy review videos have been done to death, so who better than Death to do them?


Visit Death Reviews on YouTube! Click, like, subscribe - awesome!


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