Do you need someone who can design a 3D character model?  Do you need someone who can construct the 3D mesh?  Do you need someone who can rig the mesh for animation?  Someone who can lay out UVW coordinates for skinning?  Do you need someone who can actually skin the model, and do normal mapping and other technical functions?


You could get a team of designers to do all those things.  But why not get someone who can do ALL of those things by himself?


When it comes to 3D character models for video games and other purposes, my designs and models are award-winning!  Click the character buttons below to see videos of the 3D models made for various game engines, including the Unreal franchise, id Software's Doom3, and also the Source Engine's Team Fortress 2!


- 5 Years of experience with 3D Studio Max & Zbrush

- 5 Years experience designing, skinning and animating 3D character models

- Map models, objects and other 3D model making

- UVW coordinates, skinning and normal mapping

- Rigging models for animation

- Importing and exporting models for various game engines

- Winner for Best Character Model: "Make Something Unreal" contest