Looking askance at the insanity that results from the simple exchange of money for goods and services...

What's in YOUR McBIGCo?

McBigCo Motto: “Si pecuniam puteus capere”

"If you have money, we'll take it."

About McBigCo:

McBigCo is a multi-national business conglomerate that seeks to acquire wealth by abusing humanity through the sale of products.  McBigCo is there to exploit all your market needs, wants, or vague hankerings - even the stuff you had no idea you wanted!  At McBigCo our motto is, “If you have money, we’ll take it”.  So if we aren’t taking your money it just means we aren’t trying hard enough.


One of McBigCo’s many business tendrils is this webcomic - created to lull our customers into a false sense of security.  Marketing research suggests that ironically poking fun at what people consider to be our corporate “abuses” is an excellent way to diffuse anger and establish an environment of plausible deniability.


It is our sincere hope that you will read the comics on this webpage, and in your amusement, proceed to forget all about whatever atrocity we perpetrated which brought you here in the first place.  Enjoy!