Greg Fisk Portfolio & Resume

Browse the menu to the left and view downloadable PDF files and portfolio pages to get an idea of just some of the skills I can bring to bear for print, electronic, or online media.  Whether it's logos, illustrations, cartoons, or 3D game model making, the right man for the job is right here!


I'm a graphic designer with 11 years of industry experience, and I've worked on over 110,000 separate projects at my previous places of employment. This includes complicated layouts, logo illustration, design illustration, maps, internet banner ads, landing pages and more.


I also memorized most of the Adobe font list, so I can identify almost any font by sight. For logo replication and company theme design, this proved a valuable skill for my employers. It saved time and boosted team efficiency since the other designers didn't have to hunt through a font book.


The PDFs are best viewed directly through Acrobat / Acrobat Reader.  Viewing through browsers yields unpredictable results, though Google Chrome has been the best so far.  I'm sure that will make them feel rather smug :)